Houston-Day 1

IMG_1446[1]My day began at 2am. It was eerily quiet. Packed two bags, one full of medicine and diapers for the trip and just one more for our change of clothes, more diapers and her zantac, which is a liquid so put it in the checked bag. All the little things to think about-do I have enough diapers for the plane, the “just in case she hates the plane ride and needs to be knocked out in a hurry” meds. And of course Fox! And nothing really went through my mind, I didn’t worry, wasn’t anxious. Just said first step-get to the airport and take it from there. So at 330 we were out the door.

She wasn’t too sure about the airport, but was curious on the plane, and was all settled in by the time breakfast could be served!IMG_1455[1]

And then when we landed, first order of business was lunch and a nap!


Next stop, the ZOO! Our hotel offered shuttle service to area museums and attractions, boy did we ever take advantage of that!

IMG_1481[1] IMG_1558[1] IMG_1544[1] IMG_1541[1]

Her favorite at the zoo is by far the TIGER!

But her favorite of all…….


Houston-Day 2 is the BIG DAY stay tuned!!

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2 Responses to Houston-Day 1

  1. Gina W says:

    Very nice! Glad the airport/plane ride went smoothly.

  2. Linda E. Williams RN says:

    My prayers and hopes are with you. Reach for the stars; you each deserve to be in their midst. Love the pic of you and Kaitelin at the zoo. God bless. Linda

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