Yard Sale on a Winnie the Pooh blustery day!

This weekend we held the last yard sale before we leave. AND TALKING ABOUT imageLEAVE….the wind on Saturday! Katelin loves the wind, and she was snuggled up and enjoying herself  and found it funny when the wind knocked something over.  The leaves were flying and pine needles were everywhere! Once we got everything out, we spent most of the time picking leaves off tables and out of baskets! Thank you to my brave friend Susan who came to help me on such a cold, windy day!

Just some of the stuff! And a lot left over, too!!

Sunday was way better,  fairly warm, and the morning was spent uncovering everything from the blanket of leaves and needles! my wonderful neighbor, Billy, helped with signs and Ellen came over to help, too. One couple that stopped by donated $50!!! Katelin is so lucky to have people care about our children’s’ futures!

All in all we made $200, not bad for a cold weekend, because so many people have warm, big hearts. Thank you to the community for supporting the cause of Rett Syndrome Research and awareness.

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2 Responses to Yard Sale on a Winnie the Pooh blustery day!

  1. Rose & Renee says:

    Nothing stops a goal with rett syndrome Moms, especially some wind! Katelin, I’d be laughing too, watching everybody bending down picking stuff up that keeps blowing over, while we both sit back and laugh. Way to go, Mel!

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