Day 3


Today was a tough day for Katie. She started the day off by waking up at 4am. breakfast came around 830, but by this time she was all hooked up to the EEG machine. Her appetite has dropped significantly, she is not the voracious eater she usually is. She barely touched her breakfast or lunch.  

Lata, the EEG tech is delightful, but Katie’s brightest spot in the morning was Rory :). The first dose was given at 943 and by the time the EEG was done, so was Katie. A 2 hr nap was in order and things improved a great deal after that. 

imageLaundry was on the first order of business and THEY DON’T CHARGE! Just for the soap.  Then, miracles of miracles the playground was open and there were swings!! So while most people were in long sleeves, Katie and I hung out in short sleeves and spent nearly two hours on the swings. Ok, she was on the swings and I tried to catch up on phone calls and took pictures, because she’s ever so happy on the swings. 


Back to the floor for the next dose at  543 pm on the dot! And then off to Radio Lollipop, where she wouldn’t draw (so no day 3 picture ) but she would and did flirt shamelessly with one of the boys. We also made, what I call, Fancy Nancy turkeys. Glitter has become our nemesis!



Today, I didn’t notice nothing in particular other than confirm for myself  her appetite is down, but remarkably she remains in good spirits and no behavior to speak of. 🙂

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2 Responses to Day 3

  1. Buddy says:

    :~) Go Katie :~)

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