Day 4

IMG_2269We’re both getting tired of my girl getting all this done to her, but trying to stay strong. Katelin has been super through it all. But she did use her Tobii to tell Lata yesterday “hurt my feelings”, “mean” as she hooked her up to the EEG machine. It was sad, but exciting at the same time. Then she verbally told Thuy “You don’t care” as she set up the EKG. Katelin was definitely letting people know she was getting fed up.

I am now officially concerned about her lack of appetite and asked them to weigh her in the morning. She’s also getting Miralax tomorrow if she doesn’t have a BM though I am shocked she’s gone without Miralax since Saturday. I definitely believe her walking is more fluid, tomorrow they are filming her and I’ll get to compare it to the original tape from Monday. IMG_2291

Since she didn’t color yesterday, due to a major case of flirting, her is a shot of Day 1, Day2 and Day4 drawings.


Oh, and she got a new friend, Tiger. Let’s see how him and Fox get along 🙂IMG_2296

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