Day 8

Yucky, yucky day. The weather is bitter. Cold and wet. Katelin slipped on the step coming out of the hotel van and cried for over two hours. Meanwhile, most of that was IN TARGET as I tried to get a few groceries. My debit card didn’t work, thank goodness I had enough cash, with change left over. Called the card company and they said it was a safeguard, so they removed the block.

My poor girl has been through so much. But, one day it will only be a faint memory.

I am looking forward to nicer weather this weekend so we can go to the zoo.


Fox is really what it's all about, and the best lesson of all LOVE.

Fox is really what it’s all about, and the best lesson of all LOVE.

We had a nice morning working on letters. She pointed at a few and repeated “car” and “bus”, other than that I  haven’t noticed any new things today, only that she continues to babble more and people seem to understand her better than usual. I am not letting her walk for the next few days in case she hurt something, so maybe there will be a marked difference next time.

Today I hate Rett Syndrome and can’t wait for the day we all kick its ass.



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2 Responses to Day 8

  1. Rose & Renee says:

    What a day. I hope Katelin didn’t hurt anything as a result of the fall. I hope you are getting some rest. (((HUGS))) to you both. I hate rett syndrome every day, especially when I look in Renee’s beautiful blue eyes and can tell she’d love to tell me something. I hope we all can kick its ass REAL soon.

  2. Joanna Barboza says:

    Hopefully no guys are doing great!!!

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