Day 9 and 10

Day 9 started out good, we had a late start, and headed to Children’s for some arts and crafts . She had a lot of fun painting, as you can tell.image



Then she just started to cry  and imagecry. So, off to the ER. Which went surprisingly fast.Best guess a wrenched back. Her behavior was off the charts for the first time in a long time. Throwing things and being aggressive. Sigh. My poor girl. I pretty much want to forget this day. I’m still trying to remember to film when and what I can, but it’s hard during these times.

Day 10

Oh, this day was not looking good. Started the day with breakfast against the wall. But at least the sun was shining. Off to Children’s, they have a salon and I’m hoping for a haircut. No such luck, closed for the holiday, but the library is open, so we sneak in for awhile, until Katie starts screaming. I’m hoping lunch will do the trick. It does after awhile, but getting to that point was ugly! I’m giving her Tylenol/Motrin and Zantac since I’m sure it’s bothering her tummy and she’s still crying “help mommy help”. It breaks my heart.

Today the Children’s Museum is having Santa! Santa is Katie’s favorite person after Fox. There were a couple of glitches, but we got there and she had fun! Santa was a big hit.  We asked for a cure and Dr. Seuss books.

Clearly 4pm is her limit right now, but overall it was a better day.

two things, it’s very odd to hear a Santa with a southern drawl and I found two more cows!

It’s hard to notice any benefits or new things, but absolutely her verbalizations are increasing and I’m pretty sure her right hand usually drops away when shes using a utensil.

I also think there is an increased sensitivity to stimulation. I wonder, if she’s on the medicine, and the synapsis are working better if this is causing a flood of information she is unprepared for.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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3 Responses to Day 9 and 10

  1. Paul says:


    Whilst I can understand you are looking out for signs of improvement, but it could be the case that Katelin is actually taking the placebo at the moment?

    I really hope that the cure has been found.

    Best wishes, and lovely to read your writings.

  2. melelllan says:

    Yes, Paul. It’s entirely possible. I am keeping that in mind, esp. Since I don’t see any drastic improvements. However, I feel obligated to be mindful of watching for even subtle differences that I can then catch on film 🙂

  3. Linda E. Williams RN says:

    Being thankful for what we have each day is really hard when a day and the people in it are not providing happy experiences. The in-depth attention all around Katelin is so beneficial; she can’t be expected to change over-night , even if we wish it so, but there is certainly improvement happening. Every person, when over-tired, will revert to that id stage of development, but with rest comes more patience. Bravo to Katelin and especially to Mom!

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