Day 16 Santa Comes to Town and Day 17 I wish I could go to the North Pole with him.

Well we meant to go to the Aquarium, but we found out Santa was coming to Texas, and Santa takes precedence over everything!  So, we spent the day  at Children’s making crafts, reading books, making a BIG  mess with markers. The highlight of my day was Katelin drawing a teeny tiny circle when I said “let’s see you draw a circle”. Her highlight was definitely the “Big Guy”. So, basically this was just a fun, do nothing special day.  The choir was awesome and  Santa had the  BEST Santa suit I have ever seen.  It was a good day overall.

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On the downside, I can’t figure out her Miralax dosing, it’s a fine, fine line  now between enough and too much and I’m not getting it right, so my girl is  constipated. 😦

Day   17

Well, this day sucks so far. Katelin is so uncomfortable from needing to go to the bathroom and she is being LOUD!  The manager of the hotel is sure to have a heart attack. She’s disturbing the guests in the lounge. She asked me “are you leaving for Children’s soon?” and I knew she was really hoping, but Katelin was too mad, loud, and  uncomfortable to go anywhere.  I finally had to give her a sedative. :(.  When she woke up, I gave her some more Miralax, and a long time on the potty, but no go. She wasn’t screaming anymore so I decided to  come to  Children’s and go to the pharmacy across the street. I got the very last Fleets!! Hooray! You know you are a Rett mom when being able to get ahold of an enema makes you ecstatic. LOL. Needless to say she’s in a MUCH better mood now, but I am looking into getting into the Ronald McDonald House. At least there, they can’t ask me to keep her in her room because people can’t hear her there. Fingers crossed.

I  had hoped to get a haircut, put I don’t have a “pass”, so it will have to wait for Friday, but we’ll hang out, have supper and then come back up and rock it out with Radio Lollipop (I hope)

New thing, annoying and cute at the same time. She’s “wiping” all by herself when she pees. Annoying part of that, now if she pees in the shower, she gets out gets toilet paper, goes BACK into the shower with the toilet paper, wipes, gets out, throws it in the  toilet, flushes and back into the shower, but there are   little pieces of toilet paper littering the bath tub, ha ha.

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2 Responses to Day 16 Santa Comes to Town and Day 17 I wish I could go to the North Pole with him.

  1. Rose & Renee says:

    I so look forward to reading this every day. Gives my day a great start. Katelin is truly amazing me! Sorry for the difficulties but thanks for the great stories and the laughs.

    • melelllan says:

      Eh, we have our difficulties everywhere, they’re just different. 🙂 I will thank Katie for you when she wakes up, lol, it was a late night on the town 🙂

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