Day 18 We go to the Aquarium….and see Tigers!

IMG_3045OMG, what a messed up weather day! I left the room with Katelin it was like 74, by the time we got to the Aquarium an hour and half later, it was in the low 50’s. Needless to say, thank goodness I brought her  warmest blanket and a rain coat just in case. I ended up using the coat  and she was toasty in her fleece. 🙂  I also braved public transportation and Katelin LOVED the train. She’s been on one before, the Cape Cod Scenic Railroad, so I wasn’t too worried, and she seemed to enjoy the rocking of the train.

I don’t know what buses are like elsewhere, it’s been years since I’ve been on one, but these have ramps that I could wheel her up and into the bus easy as pie .

First stop…LUNCH. My first real meal since we’ve been here, outside of that lovely Thanksgiving  dinner. The scenery was fantastic. Fox was a trooper to wear the hat and so was Katie, she seemed to really like it. The food was a bit salty, but the steak was good. I had Creme Brulee for desert, but it doesn’t hold a candle to the Creme Brulee I had at Canlis in Seattle, which has   really ruined me for  Creme Brulee.

I wanted to take her into the  stingray tank area, but there was no way for her to reach the rays because  the tank was so tall. Which I can’t understand, since it would really leave a lot of kids out, not just one in wheelchairs.  We took a mini-train through a shark tank, which was pretty darn neat. They had a LOT of sharks and  they were above and around us, so you got to see them from all different angles.  The  aquarium was kind of neat, but totally geared toward “attraction” vs  “aquarium”, but it was still fun.   

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Katie loves tigers so much we ended up spending over an hour, between two different times, in front of the tiger enclosure. She was so enthralled, both by the tigers and all the male visitors, ha ha. There was a “Tiger Talk” and one of the keepers played hide and seek with the female tiger, it was really so adorable. Everytime someone walked by that worked there, the tigers would  jump up and want to play, lol.  Just  big over grown kitty cats.

So, now were back at Children’s, warmed up and fed waiting to rock it out again with Radio Lollipop. I think we’ll call it a little shorter tonight, it’s been a long but awesome day. A happy, happy girl.

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5 Responses to Day 18 We go to the Aquarium….and see Tigers!

  1. Nicolas CHARLES says:

    Here in France, I follow Katelin’s trip day by day. I’m a Rett father ; my daughter is nearly 4 years old and I hope NNZ-2566 will help all the girls to kick the Rett monster’s a** !

  2. melelllan says:

    She is beautiful! I simply love her smile and how ever do you get to keep her glasses on?!

    • Nicolas CHARLES says:

      With a textile string for glasses… and also, she wears arm braces because she’s got hand-mouth movements.

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