Day 19-Homesickness, a Happy Meeting, and Heartbreak

Boy, oh, boy. This day was HARD! Katelin clearly has decided the van driver is the devil incarnate and screams and bangs on the van every time she sees him, which does nothing to improve his grumpy mood, and it becomes a vicious cycle. Thank goodness I had an email waiting for me that said we MADE IT INTO THE RONALD MCDONALD HOUSE!! Unfortunately, I saw it AFTER we left to do laundry. And the day was already shot. Katelin was weepy, aggressive, and basically in tears all day. My poor girl is being so brave. There were two bright spots in the day. Meeting another imagefamily and their daughter, Isabella, who was just so beautiful. I got a great high five, and Katelin got to flirt with a man with a Scottish accent, lol. And I got to meet and talk with another mom, which I so rarely get to do. And, of course we moved to the Ronald McDonald House. Which is AMAZING!! I could just feel the stress lift right off my shoulders. And then I read a Facebook posting.

One of my dearest friends had died. Three years younger than me, he was a joy to all he met. He was of strong will, good character, kindness and generosity. I saw him a day or two before Katelin and I left and he said he couldn’t wait to hear how it all went when we got back. And wherever he is, I will go tell him, and sit beside him and know that below me lies the very best of what Man can be and tell him how grateful I am that I knew him. Trying to keep my sadness in check is difficult, but necessary because Katelin picks up anything like that and it makes her very upset, but the strain is draining and I know from experience, doesn’t allow me to really grieve. I will miss him all my days.  But this day, Katie is having major homesickness so we spend the evening looking at photos of friends and teachers, her brother and sisters. And when she falls asleep, I spend a long while looking at photos of my friend, and in the morning wiped away the tear tracks from the iPad.


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2 Responses to Day 19-Homesickness, a Happy Meeting, and Heartbreak

  1. Rose & Renee says:

    Sorry to hear you lost a good friend. 😦

  2. melelllan says:

    Thank you, Rosemary.

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