Day 21 and 22 Things are looking up

These two days have sort of run together for me. I’m tired and my mind is on my friend. But there were many bright moments. I’ve met many lovely people at the Ronald McDonald House. What a great set up! Katelin loves it here and so do I. I wish there were places like this for families of disabled children in general. Where everyone understood, a community that spoke the same language and spouted out their every day challenges and everyone nodded or laughed or just simply accepted like it was no big deal. Yesterday, Katelin did her first pretend play while the kids were play cooking. So, of course there were more tears from me.

There are tons of arts and crafts to do, we are never bored, that’s for sure, even though the weather has made it so we have not left the building in three days. Next time someone tells you don’t bring winter coats to Houston, disregard that bit of advice. Sunday’s pictures 🙂

Today (Monday) Santa’s here!

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Cookie Decorating and Arts and Crafts.

I tried using Katelin’s Tobii with her today. She did make some independent choices. The most significant one, I went to the “Feeling” page and asked how she was feeling, was she feeling smart? And she zoomed right in on that icon and said “smart” just like that. I would say that was an improvement on speed, and we haven’t really used it since we’ve come to Texas, so I was really impressed. Other than that, she only wanted to play with the “animal” page and listen to music, but would not make independent choices on the music pages. One new phrase today, she said to a man “You’re a cute guy”, LOL, ever the flirt! This is the last week of taking the drug/placebo. 😦

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