Somehow I’m off by a day, so Day 22 (again), 23, and 24


Day 22 (repeated) Thanks to Southwest Airlines who were at the Ronald McDonald House ALL day! Two magnificent spreads (lunch and dinner) music, fun and games and dancing! Oh yeah, flirting, too.

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New thing learned today…..Vacuuming!

So, of course, after a hard day of work, she had to chill 🙂IMG_3409





And it’s a good thing she rested, since she danced the night away!

Guess who went to bed super easily, ha ha!

Day 23-Learning Houston Public Transportation and Failing.

I wanted to take Katelin to the Mad Potter, a paint your own ceramics place. I found out what time and bus picked us up right outside the Ronald McDonald House! Time came, got on the bus…wrong one. Then the bus driver said, “I’ll drop you off ‘here’, just turn right, and go down the street a bit, you can pick up the right bus.” Wrong. So we ended up on the wrong bus AGAIN and ended up at the wrong mall, but at this point I just wanted to be SOMEWHERE. So, we ended up at the Galleria. What a waste of a day. This mall was so huge, I couldn’t even begin to enjoy it. I bought her shoelaces. I’m certain that’s all I could afford there anyway. But I did get a couple of nice pictures of the ICE SKATING RINK and tree.


Day 24-Houston Public Transportation Figured OUT!

Today we made it to where I wanted to go yesterday. We had a blast. We are working on a project for Texas Children’s Hospital and Katie painted a tile.

Yes, Katie PAINTED a tile. Normally, I have to put the paint on the paintbrush and place it on the tile or in her hand and if I’m lucky she’ll make a mark or two, usually it takes several (like 5 or 6) visits, a few hours long each, to get paint on most of the tile. Not today!! She painted the whole thing by herself, put the paint on the brush, made all the strokes, in ONE VISIT!!! And she did this….


And it was another fun night of gingerbread men and dogs.

New word today…Doggy, said when pointing at one of the dogs 🙂

On a sadder note, my Aunt Barbara is very ill and I am so worried that I will not be home in time. This Sunday is my friend, Scott’s, service. It seems that Life wants to balance out all these wonderful things that Katelin is achieving and my joy at them with sadness. I think that sucks of Life. But, I suppose that these things would have happened anyway and maybe one day I will look at it the other way around, and say how wonderful of Life to give me these happy moments in these days of sorrow. I am reminded of how precious life is, how grand a thing it is to love and be loved, what a miracle it is that we should all be here and have the remarkable opportunity to leave a mark on the world, let us hope that it is a good one.

I will leave this night with a quote by Abraham Lincoln. His wish came true, and it  holds true for my friend Scott and my Aunt Barbara and many more of those I’ve lost along these travelling years, I hope they knew it to be so.

“I have an irrepressible desire to live till I can be assured that the world is a little better for my having lived in it”. Abraham Lincoln




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