Day 31 Katelin did MUCH  better today. I tried to do the day slow and easy and quiet and calm. She still won’t really eat, though I did make homemade alfredo sauce and she ate a bit for lunch. No breakfast though. Then off to the bus, which she just really loves. Found a CVS pharmacy, not the closest, but one that the bus goes right to and guess what?? There was a McDonald’s right across the street!! And she ate most of it!! Whew. Came back just in time for the Houston Astros. We are officially fans, and so is Fox!

And what is baseball without Cracker Jacks??? IMG_3973




She even got an autographed baseball, which she THREW!




Katie's Great-Grandpa and me. He was a fantastic pitcher. :)A great arm, just like her great-grandpa. 🙂







It was a good day, though her verbalizations have definitely decreased and she would only self-feed a few spoonfuls. I did most of the feeding today. But she was happier and that’s all that matters. We got her sister’s gifts wrapped and she enjoyed the activity as some of the boys came over to “help”.

And now, I’m all caught up!!






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  1. Betty Curtis says:

    the ball throwing caused me to have fond memories of the days spent with Katelin in special needs gym at BHS Middle School when I was subbing.

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