Day 33- Gifts Galore

Day 33

I took Katelin in for a weight check and thank goodness she hasn’t lost any more weight. That is a “weight” off my shoulders. I met a sweet girl in the hospital, another brave young woman, joining the ranks of the Rett IMG_4117[1]Syndrome Pioneers. I truly believe I have seen miracles with this medication and I am humbled that a miracle for some is that they open they’re eyes and sit up while for others it’s no seizures, and for me it’s been sentences and a circle. To each of us there is more that we hope for and I know very well that many hope for their girls to be where Katie is, while I hope for Katie to be where other girls are and yet we love them just as they are, whether they speak, walk, sit up or don’t. Our girls and the boys bring joy to all they meet. Tonight we met ANOTHER family. What are the odds? Two GIFTS-parents and grandparents who UNDERSTAND.

There is another family here that has helped us tons and tons and today her husband and other children came. I don’t know what I would have done with out Crystal and her mom, and now her girls and husband, who watched Katie for two hours so I could clean our room, and go to the Santa Shop. It was a GIFT of epic proportions. And I’m glad they enjoy Katie and Katie enjoys them. 🙂

And then there were just GIFTS and more GIFTS!

The dance troupe was tons of fun and Katie got some games with DICE!!

And then there was this….

Even though it’s clear Katelin’s coloring skills are decreasing….

I still get to have seen her draw ANOTHER….


And the greatest gift of all….

A happy girl, who loves her Fox and fills her mommy’s days with joy.


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One Response to Day 33- Gifts Galore

  1. Rose & Renee says:

    Katie surely loves Fox.
    Mel, I am so proud to know you and all that you are doing is amazing! I am so glad to have read all of the positives and see how well Katie has adjusted to this, but we all know this has got to be so hard for both of you. Just being away from home so long is hard. I hope things continue the way they’ve been and am anxiously awaiting your first day home and that bittersweet feeling you will have and then just glad to be home. When is that? Sorry I don’t know.

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