Day 34-YES, she gets to swim!!

Day 34

Today Katie asked, “go swimming” so,  I promised she could go swimming. Another family told us where the YMCA. It was raining so what else really was there to do??

Off we went to the biggest darn YMCA I could even imagine, lol, but with one of the smallest pools I have ever seen, ha ha. Well, any way there was a lightning strike, so Katelin took an half hour shower in the hopes it would reopen and it DID!! My girl was so happy!!

And into the pool she goes and she’s off!!

I have yet to compare this to other video of her swimming, I think I will have to take future video to compare and see if there is a regression, as all the video I have is old.

And when we got back, what a surprise! SANTA

You can’t see him, but really, so long as Katie and Fox are together, it’s a perfect picture.


And as I sign off for tonight, I know there are other girls out there, other parents, who are just as brave, with as high of hopes, with as great of fears as Katie and I, and I hope their way is lightened by as many wonderful people and experiences as Katie and I have had. It is true that there have been very few times that we have travelled this hard road alone and I am grateful. And to those moms and dads, grandparents and especially the girls, be brave, be strong and we are all in this together!

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One Response to Day 34-YES, she gets to swim!!

  1. Rose & Renee says:

    I am so impressed by Katie’s swimming . Obviously, a great time for her.
    The Santa pic is great. Katie has a beautiful smile going on and she is happy, that’s the important part of the picture.
    God Bless you both!

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