Day 38- A day of do agains, and still all new experiences.

IMG_4296First stop today, The Mad Potter! It was a bit of a rush job, but I like this second plate, though I liked the placement of her hands better on the first, I like the sky better and added IMG_4297an extra butterfly and did the flowers a bit different. And Katie worked on her tile. I had to help her finish it, but after 2 visits she got most of it covered, so I just filled it in. I’ve never had her make something for herself, and she worked hard on this, so we made it in to a Monogram tile for her, complete with green tile and celtic knot “K”!

Then off to Barnes and Nobles, where we’ve been a few times, but never for lunch! Katelin had pizza and I had a cream puff, éclair like thing, but once you’ve had an éclair from Carlos Bakery (think Cake Boss) nothing really comes close. But it was definitely edible and a treat.

On the spur of the moment I decided, “Let’s Go to the Zoo!!” So off we went. And may I say the #26 Bus rocks! It takes me close to all the places I really want to take Katie to. Only it let us off near the back entrance, which was closed. BUT…..If we hadn’t gone that way, we would have missed THIS!


And if we hadn’t gone to the zoo, here’s a few other things we would’ve missed…  

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And we finished the day off in one of the best way…



I ponder our day full of do overs. We’ve painted before, done a plate like that before, been to the zoo, and even met the therapy dogs before. Yet, each event was a new memory, nothing like any other time. And I think of how, had we not gone on this day, just as we did, we would have missed some pretty amazing things, missed out on experiences and special kisses. And while this road we’re on with the trial is not a do over sort of thing and Katie no longer has any residual affect of the NNZ (if she was on it), still, if we hadn’t gone on it, we would have missed some pretty amazing things, missed out on experiences and the special kiss of Hope. Which, while not really as fun, wet, or soft as puppy kisses, is pretty damn sweet in my book.


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One Response to Day 38- A day of do agains, and still all new experiences.

  1. Rose & Renee says:

    Hi Katie,
    I’m really enjoying following your journey. That puppy sure does love you. Continue to have fun.

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