Day 39 Last trip to the Children’s Museum

Day 39 I wanted to bring Katie back to the Children’s Museum and today was a good day for it, grey and a bit cool, too cold to be out and about. We were lucky enough to be joined by two new friends and the time went by quickly and was fun. We did things we hadn’t done the first couple of times, like going out to the water play area. Katie thought that was fun.

But, there was more reason than fun to go, as I compared Katelin’s skill level at drawing and throwing the ball into the vortex.

Ball Vortex Day 39-11 days of meds/placebo -took over 3 minutes to coax her to do it.

Day 7 on meds/placebo


I feel that if turns out Katie was on the NNZ, then anyone who would dispute it’s efficacy need only look at these examples. While, of course I am saddened at the differences, they prove to me, that there is hope and I can be patient, but not too patient. I also can hardly wait to see how girls do on the higher dose.

But just so I don’t sign off on a serious note, this is how I started my day, with a smile from the pancake bottle, and I laughed.


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