Day 41 A beautiful day at the zoo

1I chose this picture of Katie because it reminds me  of the time she was being evaluated as a baby at Children’s in California and they told me they didn’t know  what was wrong with her, but that she would be disabled the rest of her life. Katie was hard to calm at this age, except with water. So, when she got upset at this appointment, I took her to the water fountain so she could feel water through her hands. And, when Katie did this yesterday, it struck me how many years have passed, but water remains a joy to  her, only this time she did it for fun, not out of necessity, and that makes all the difference. Plus, I love how her freckles show. 🙂

This was a great day. Katelin’s appetite is still down, but she had a good lunch at the zoo, even though she didn’t do much with breakfast or  supper.  We were bummed that she didn’t get to feed the tiger,  they were feeding the lions, so we skipped that and braved the reptile house. We got some good deals at the gift shop and I got a  Tiger puzzle that some people at the Ronald McDonald House are helping with, it’s 1000 pieces so I hope we can get it done. I plan to get it framed for Katelin’s room. We probably won’t make it back this week, so here are some things we hadn’t seen before or got better pictures, enjoy.



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One Response to Day 41 A beautiful day at the zoo

  1. Rose & Renee says:

    Looks like the zoo was fun. I love that Katie has a smile in each picture. And Mom has a smile in hers also. Hurrah for a good day.

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