Gone are the Days of Love and Laughter

flag at half mastYesterday, I read that a child of twelve had lost her fight with Rett Syndrome. That’s the age I was told Katelin would die by. Just twelve. In the time that I’ve been connected to Rett Syndrome sites, I’ve heard, read of and known of so many young lives taken far too early. So, on the eve of the end of Rett Syndrome Awareness month, I want to remember those little children who brought love into the hearts of Man, who in their short, extraordinary lives touched more people than many who live a hundred years; to remember the mother who found their child gone in the morning, after putting her to bed just fine; to remember the parents who had to choose; to remember the mother who bathed her child and dressed her one last time. I imagine, that many a lullaby has been sung for ears that could no longer hear as mother after mother has brushed their child’s hair. I want to remember the many parents who have sat by bedsides, holding their child’s hand as they slipped away. I want people to be aware that this is the ultimatum of Rett Syndrome-I will fight you all the days of your life and then take you anyway. Rett Syndrome doesn’t care how many hearts are broken, the tears that will be cried, the void left in a world that needs the smiles from these girls to cheer even hardened hearts. Please help. Donate. Fund-raise or just be there holding the hand of a mother, who is holding her hand on her child’s chest as her last breath leaves her. A cure is in sight. Help us get there, so the answer to this song can be yes.

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