T-23 The Interconnecting Web of Life Musing 3

spiderwebEven though saying I am NOT a fan of spiders would be an understatement, I am completely enthralled by the webs they weave. One of the most famous spider stories of folklore is of Robert the Bruce and how he watched a spider in a cave, try over and over to make its web and how it failed so many times before succeeding, thus inspiring him to fight one more time and become King of Scotland. True or not, I never forgot it from elementary school.

And so I was thinking, this must be what it is like to find a cure. Throwing out a line, over and over, until something sticks and then building upon it, strand by strand, until there it is a complete web that snares Rett syndrome and along comes the cure, stalking it, wrapping it up and sucking it dry, until it can’t fight and then crumbles to dust. Is the spider NNZ-2566 or IGF-1?  I don’t know, but I hope so.

And this giant web that is slowly being woven is made of interconnecting strands-research, trial, error, children, parents, choices, chances, discovery and points spread out all over the world that have found their way to a concentrated center. Isn’t it a marvel? I love the way it is glistening, how it shimmers in the sunlight, dripped with dew (or is it tears of those who love our girls and boys).

Come into my parlor said the spider to the fly….. will he? won’t he? 23 days or less will tell.


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