T or T-1 Musing 5 -No Matter What


Three words that make every thought they follow a commitment.

So, today, now that the release of the NNZ-2566 trial results is imminent, I want to take a moment and share some of my “no matter whats” if the answer is no.

No Matter What-

I will never forget how lucky we are. Katie and I will still be better off than almost everyone on Earth. We live in a country where she has medical care, where her needs are met, we have shelter, food, and warmth in the Winter.

I will never stop hoping. Hope is one of the greatest gifts of the Human Condition. It can carry Man through tragedy, by-step despair, combat difficulty after difficulty and keep a heart strong against the barrage of tears that try to overflow its banks.

I will not regret the last year, even if my hopes are dashed within the next 24 hours. To endeavor, to try, to DARE is another great gift and I will not waste it nor say it wasn’t worth it. Even if it’s a “no”, I will look on it as a step to a cure, because you have to know what doesn’t work many times before you find what does. Look how long it took Edison to get the lightbulb right.

I will still be grateful. I will still be Free. I will still look at Life as full of wonder and goodness and still want to hug everyone who’s had a hand in this past year because I know they’ve all worked so hard and they will also be heartbroken if NNZ does not get the go ahead.

But most of all, I will love Katie with a fierceness all the days of my life.

Still, no matter all my “no matter whats” I really, really want the results to be the “yes” we are all hoping for! 🙂

Telling Katie the trial results are due anytime now :) Thank you, Neuren.

Telling Katie the trial results are due anytime now 🙂 Thank you, Neuren.

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3 Responses to T or T-1 Musing 5 -No Matter What

  1. emilyjosmom says:

    We echo your sentiments, Mel & Katie!!

  2. emilyjosmom says:

    Reblogged this on Em's adventures in Texas (& Life) and commented:
    Mel expresses our sentiments exactly…exciting times we live in!

  3. melelllan says:

    I know the anxiousness I’m feeling is being echoed all over the world. Xoxo

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