Bumps in the Road

imageAfter holding off as long as possible I had to get a splint pending surgery for a partially dislocated thumb, which I hope can be after the new year.

This poses quite a few logistical issues, typing with more than one finger is out, knitting is questionable and taking care of Katelin . This three weeks coming up is a trial period to see if it can be done wearing the thing, and then go from there.

I had wanted to post a ton of links about the results, graphs and what’s the next steps, but my computer crashed last week, so working off my phone, with one finger, is being a challenge. But that strikes home how difficult even the smallest tasks can be when you can’t use your hands.

So, for the next few weeks, posting will be sporadic. What won’t be, is my excitement and the new countdown of when Katelin and the other girls in the study will get the medicine.

imageI’m sure there will be bumps in the road, but us Rett folks are adaptable, everyday we skip over, go around or simply bulldoze right through, I doubt it will be different now. But, if I may say, it sure would be nice to be on a straight, nicely paved road with no potholes for once! (Ok, FDA??)

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