Soon, Just a Phone Call Away


Picture by Cécile Graat

How simple a thing a phone call seems. Katie’s sister sends her videos on the phone for her to watch, and Katelin listens when her sister calls, but not once have they had a conversation, except when Katie was one or so. She was very bright, still is, but then she could talk. Her sister could ask her things, she could respond, ask her own little two word sentences, or that simple gesture that babies do with their hands and shoulders that means “where?” “what?” “Where it go?” None of that now, just some distant cherished memory for me. Her sister doesn’t remember at all. But, she once told me…I tell all my sister secrets to Katie; I KNOW she’ll never tell! But, I know Katie longs to talk with her sisters and I’m pretty sure her sisters would love to talk to her.

A while back, another mom was explaining NNZ to her daughter, who then asked, using her Tobii, “will I talk?” Her mom said “maybe.” or the like. To which came the answer, “I want a phone.” I told this story to Katelin, who now has that stuck in her head. At the library one day, giving the librarians an update, Katelin starts hitting her chest.

Me: “What Katelin??”

Katelin: “my phone”

Me: laughing, “yes, you will get a phone.”

She reminds me every once in awhile, like today. We were working on her iPad, with magnetic letters “Abby’s Magnetic Toys”, (app review…Love it. It says the letter as you put in on the board, has a LOT of pictures to choose from, and they say the object when you put it on the board. So, you can go D…O…G put the dog up and it’ll say DOG! Downside, no small letters, but I digress) She was telling me “spell…_________” and I would spell it. This in itself was very exciting for me, because she’s never done that before. So we’re going on and on…then I hear “spell…PHONE!” I couldn’t help chuckle.

So, I guess I’ll be in the market for a phone soon.

Here’s to all us parents adding  that extra line 🙂

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