A is for Animals-Apps Part I

I went to see our counselor on Saturday, I told him I’m a bit anxious waiting on the FDA, he’s like “dudette you’ve got to keep you mind off counting the freakin’ days like a timebomb ticking” not his exact words, but the gist of them, lol. So, Katelin has enough apps to do a review most days until then. Maybe you guys will like some of them.

MY favorite animal app is ABC WIldlife

There are 3 pictures per letter. The first one includes a little game where you “erase” one picture and another picture is underneath. The last two include a video each.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

When the picture comes up, it always says the first letter and then the animals name, provides a snippet of information, and the videos, while short are fun and interesting.

An update even added a game to match words and pictures!


A high quality app, in my opinion. One of the few apps that doesn’t have a down side; at least I haven’t found one. Mom rating-4 stars

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