Animal Apps-Part II

imageWell, the excitement of a blizzard with hurricane winds is keeping us occupied today, but definitely no going out, can’t see much of my car anyway, lol and a long time to go.

Katie’s favorite animal app is SoundTouch. It has a “lite” version, but the paid version is worth it. There’s more than just animals, but the animal pages hold her attention most, though I can see the vehicle page being a favorite of some.

At first glance, I was like “darn cartoon animals, blech” as Katie prefers “real” pictures by far.

But…touch one and it’s a whole  ‘nother ballgame!

Each categories has six different pictures that rotate. With recent updates, the word appears on each picture and is pronounced and it makes the sound. These are all adjustable, ie. You can just have the picture and take away the word. I like it though to help with spelling.

Here’s the Big Cat option (lion gets its own category, but then he’s the King, lol.)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And an example of the “truck” option

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Of the other pages, the instrument page is my favorite. It plays fairly imagelong pieces of music for each one, I think the piano pieces are the longest.

But, my Irish blood leans toward the harp 🙂 it’s a nice way to introduce kids to some lesser known instruments.

My ONE complaint is this…………

seriously, “dromedary”??? How about “cimageamel”??

SoundTouch offers multiple apps with a similar format, tomorrow we’ll talk about their video apps.

Overall, another high quality app. For girls with limited or shaky hand use, this is a good app, because anything they hit will result in an engaging photo, sound, and word learning. It has a page of highly common animals….cat, dog, cow, pig etc so there’s a lot of fun, reinforcement.

Katie rating:4 stars

Mom rating: 3.9 stars, I’ve got to take off for dromedary, it annoys me.

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