Animal Apps-Part III- Classify It


One of my educational goals for Katelin is that she learns the Animal Kingdom ie: vertebrates vs invertebrates and Classification. This app-Classify It- is very basic, but interactive.

Providing a snippet of information about its main question, it reinforces some of the basic characteristics of the different parts of the Animal Kingdom vs the Plant Kingdom.image image image









We take turns and it’s fun, but not very educational on its own. I make sure to say what about each picture we pick makes it a right choice. I read the information provided (adding supplemental information that is missing) and if we pick wrong, I explain why. There is an in-app purchase available that provides cards with a picture that has classification information on it. Since we have real cards that she can touch, this is not something I’m interested in.

Katie’s interest is held long enough to get through 2 pages. As a tool that reinforces other lessons, I like it. As a primary app for classification, it falls short, in my opinion. There just isn’t enough information available. The “mammal” information alone is lacking “vertebrate” and “warm-blooded”, two big absolutes about mammals.

I see this app as more of a “test” app, for use after you’ve been working on classification with other medium. For that, I have a book on Classification that I use as nighttime reading and a large number of plastic animals that can be used to group together in different ways-mammals, environment, etc. and BrainPop Jr, which has a short, but informative free movie about Classification.

Mom rating: 2 stars









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