B is for Body Apps- Bones

I have to admit, Katelin’s homeschooling is largely directed by my interests first. I’m a big fan of science, but luckily, it turns out she likes it, too. The Human Body is one shared interest. Her Favorite part is the Digestive System, but Bones comes in second.

imageI like doing “bones” with her. It involves a lot of tickling when we get to the ribs. It’s a lesson that comes with hands on experiences, we have different model bodies and a full skeleton model. One major undertaking this past summer was putting together a full size cardboard skeleton. I think she enjoyed my swearing at the little pieces that kept popping off more than the overall experience, but once done, it was kind of cool.

Bones for Kids is my go to app for basic bone structure. First, the “lite’ version works for us, free is always good. Unlike a lot of apps, it is narrated by kids, which draws her in much more than a “grown-up” voice would. It’s very touch sensitive, so even a child without purposeful hand use could hit anywhere on the skeleton and have something happen.


All the major bones are represented, touch a section and it pops to a screen where the bone’s name is spoken, two different views are offered, and information provided for the parent to read. I’m impressed that the pelvis views are of the male and female even if that difference is not pointed out, it is something parents can address.

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This is a great introduction to bones, it has a lot of potential for parent/child interaction, lends itself to inspiration for other lessons and projects. Katelin likes it a lot, she is able to point to which bone she wants to learn about, and I love the giggles when we talk about the ribs. My Uncle Charlie used to count my ribs and it always ended up in tickling. It makes me happy to share that with Katelin. For the price (free) I can’t really complain that I would like a bit more information, but I would like the option to have the child’s voice narrate the information. So, whether it’s due in part to sentimental reasons or straight up educational fun…..

Mom rating: 3.5

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