B is for Body Apps-Part III



Yesterday, I highlighted an app that fell short; today, I’m highlighting my favorite “body app”, The Human Body by DK. This app is amazing. It cost $7.99 and is worth every penny.

imageThis is an app that can “grow” with Katie. It can be basic or seriously in-depth, not just in regards to the body systems, but to each individual part of that system.



Using the skeletal system, let’s take a look at just SOME of the features offered by this incredible educational tool.

The different viewpoints-

A sample of accessible information-

(any word with a “+” means “touch me and I’ll give you more info”


Want to concentrate on a particular bone? No problem!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Too much all at once? You even have options as to how you view each image.

Usually, I like apps that come with a narrator option, but for this app, no sound is a BIG plus. It is so interactive and lends itself to discussion/conversation instead of just “teach or tell.” You can touch any system and say “hmmm, I wonder….” And find out!

Of all the apps I have for Katie, this is my favorite. It is a bargain for the amount of information we have access to. It doesn’t need music, bells and whistles, or cartoons. The graphics are high quality, realistic and as basic or as in-depth as you want them to be. In cases where appropriate, male and female systems are offered. The parent is in charge of what information you want to present, so it can be easily adapted to different ages/grade levels.

Here are just a few more illustrations to give you an idea of the other systems and how they’re represented.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All in all, I recommend this app for everyone. It would be a fantastic reinforcer for kids studying any one of these topics and present an opportunity to delve deeper any time they think…. “Hmmm, I wonder…”

Mom rating: 4+ stars.



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