Tick Tock, Hurry up Clock!

imageKatie’s favorite author, alas, is not me; it’s Dr. Seuss. So, in the spirit of Dr. Seuss….

Tick Tock, hurry up clock.

There is a place known as the Land of Rett

and in the middle of town,

there’s a great, big clock

keeping time as a countdown.

The princesses and princes,

riding in chariots, cannot talk;

so the townsfolk call out-

Tick Tock, Hurry up Clock.

With wanting eyes, the royal children

watch the other children play;

they cannot raise their hand,

Nor raise their voice to say,

“inside, I’m just like you.

I want to jump about and talk.”

Those children see and call out-

Tick Tock, Hurry up Clock!

And the cooks are in the kitchen,

the musicians practice in the Hall,

the Jester is working with his monkey,

and invitations printed for the ball.

Oh, there will be dancing!

The music will not stop.

All are waiting for the day, so…

Tick Tock, Hurry up Clock!

A cure for silent voices,

for legs that cannot stand,

for bodies that suffer,

And for the purposeless hand

is coming; the clock is counting down.

The backward seconds go tick tock

the people gather in the square and shout

Tick Tock, Hurry up Clock!

Oh, the Land of Rett is ready

for the celebration to begin,

the cheering will be heard

‘cross the globe, end to end.

And the royal children

just might walk and talk.

Can you hear us shouting?

Tick Tock, Hurry up, Clock!

For there’s another clock,

that stands outside of town,

and it’s also going backward,

on its own mortal countdown.

but, not toward hope is it moving,

to sadness and sorrowful days,

and with every hour that passes,

another child goes away.

The clockmakers try to slow it down,

to stop its backward climb,

its just that for some,

they are running out of time.

All that we can do, then,

here in the Land of Rett

is hope that the cure comes soon,

As it hasn’t gotten here just yet.

Oh, but it is coming!

It’s coming sooner than not,

So, you must forgive our shouting


M. Lancaster.

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4 Responses to Tick Tock, Hurry up Clock!

  1. Jana Barker says:

    This is brilliant!! 💜💜

  2. melelllan says:

    thanks 🙂

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