imageMonday was President’s Day in America, honoring George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Of course, they deserve to be honored-one for forging a Nation and the other for saving it.

Another mom was asking for inspirational quotes and it brought to mind my favorite quote of all time, by my favorite President, Abraham Lincoln. It goes like this. “I have an irrepressible desire to live till I can be assured that the world is a little better for my having lived in it.”

This means so much to me because it came from a man who paid the ultimate price for saving a Nation, for making the world a better place. I love my country and I feel-what right do I have to dishonor this sacrifice by not trying to emulate the feeling behind this message?

And I thought of all the girls that have passed away in the last two months and all the ones before, and I am humbled that they have succeeded in their short lives to do what such a great man achieved in his. The world is a better place for them having been in it, for the unconditional love they gave, the smiles, the inspiration.

As an author, words humble and inspire me. The written word can preserve, for eternity, a thought; one that can inspire long after its author is dust. And those words “treatment of Rett syndrome” that the FDA wrote for all the world to see are going to do the same. They will bring hope to generation after generation, long after all these trials are done and the history of how it came to pass and all those who “can be assured that the world is a little better” for them having been in it, are memory.

I like these words, too, TO(GET)HER STRONGER! This is an incredible road we are all walking on to do just that and oh yes, the world is a better place because of it.

Check out , committed to words AND actions that inspire.



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