Please, Please, Please, Please

One “please” for evey day left.

Rett parents say so many “pleases” that never get answered.

Please, don’t let that MecP2 test come out positive.

Please, don’t let my baby lose her words.

Please, let me hear my baby say “mommy”, just one time, please.

Please, don’t let her get scoliosis, don’t let her lose weight, don’t let her need surgery, don’t let her get pneumonia.

Please, don’t let her suffer.

Please, please let her live.

Over and over, we’ve watched dream after dream be denied. The smallest of hopes, dashed.

We’re all due for a yes.

So, FDA- all our girls’ and boys hands are clasped…Please, Please, Please, Please say yes.(one more for good luck….please”)


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2 Responses to Please, Please, Please, Please

  1. Rosemary Bandura says:


  2. Heather says:

    Triple Please xxx

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