Tonight should be the Day

pocket-watch-231330-mIf the FDA is on target with their 60 days, Neuren should have been notified over the weekend; so, around 6 pm or 7 pm US EST, we should know what the FDA has said about Breakthrough Therapy Designation.

Over the last week, I’ve done so many time scenarios in my head it’s ridiculous….If the FDA announces in the morning, that’s night time in Australia, so maybe we’ll hear tomorrow, BUT if the FDA announces in the evening that’s almost morning in Australia, so we could hear today! My mental math skills have taken a beating that’s for sure, with all the time zones involved. I’ve even tried to calculate when people in other countries would hear, depending upon variables. Too bad I didn’t give so much attention to Math in school, I would’ve got better grades. 🙂

Time is a funny thing. It never moves faster or slower, just keeps going at the same pace, and yet sometimes it speeds by…like when your youngest fits in the crook of your arm and then you blink and he’s 20; or, it drags….like when you’re waiting to hear that first scream of life and a century goes by in the 30 seconds it takes.

And like this…In the scheme of science…from the recognition of Rett syndrome, to the discovery of the gene, to now-on the brink of possible treatment, it’s been a blink; for us parents, likely it feels like a century passed this weekend waiting for today, I know it did for me.

Time moves along at the same pace and is still all these things- In time. Soon enough. Too late. I’m really sick of the last. So tonight as the clock ticks down, even though I am not a praying person, I’m going to clasp my hands and hope with every fiber of my being the FDA said “It’s TIME to get this done.” and said yes….

Because there’s people tired of waiting!

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5 Responses to Tonight should be the Day

  1. Savannah Warne says:

    how can we get a picture of our angel on there?

  2. rosemary bandura says:

    Another great job, Mel!

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