The Times they are A Changing :(

chairs-and-coffee-732128-mLately, I’ve seen LOTS of posts about girls who are, ya know…growing up and it’s not like you can talk it over with her over a cup of coffee!  This is an area that’s almost taboo to talk about, so I congratulation every parent who is reaching out. It’s not every parent whose little girl goes through puberty at 9 or earlier. And the poor dads!!!

There is lots of great advice out there on the forums, but maybe there’s still some questions that don’t get asked, so (Katie forgive me) lets talk girl talk!

I wasn’t ready for it, I ignored all the signs on purpose, until the school finally said, “ya know, Katie needs deodorant AND a bra”. She was 9 or 10. Ah, NO! But, it was the truth.

Early Puberty…. scary! Your girl is growing hair in places you don’t want to think about, not at 9, definitely not any earlier. Good grief, she’s not even potty trained…..what are you  going to do about, well, the mess? A blowout poopy diaper is not easy to clean in the best of circumstances. Trimming is a great solution. This is really helpful, too, when the dreaded “that time” comes.

There was a long discussion about bras lately, and the consensus was a sports bra, though mom’s had other choices that worked well for them, so don’t be afraid to reach out and talk about these things, we’ve all been there.

Periods bring a whole lot of questions. Do you stop them, should you stop them, the school says buy pads when your kid’s in diapers already?? and all you can  think about is, how am I going to keep her clean, and the dads are probably freaking out and some may say “no way am I changing any more diapers” What is the right answer to all of that??? The right answer to all of it, is what works for you. Talk to your daughter’s pediatrician. Remember that her having her period is normal, probably the one “normal” thing we wish we could take away. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. I had a BIG one for Katie’s pediatrician….”my son is young, he see’s all this “stuff”, she runs around without clothes sometimes, I mean she LOOKS like a big girl…if you know what I mean. What is this doing to him?????” She said…”Relax, it’s fine. His wife will be lucky.” If I hadn’t asked, I would have agonized over it for a LONG time. She told me, “he’ll ignore it, and when he’s ready for more modesty, he’ll make sure he gets it, don’t worry.” And that was true.

So, then what do you do about shaving?? Everybody’s got their own take on that. I do Katie’s underarms. Some people to the legs, too. She would just never sit still for that. Do what works for YOU.

Well what about the “M” word, masturbation, first, our girls are going to figure it out, just by accident. Talk to your pediatrician. This can bring up a whole LOT of uncomfortable for parents. Reach out to others, there’s a ton of support and tips and understanding out there for you. One of the challenges I faced was Katie undressing in public, in the car (this caused quite a few interesting moments, etc. Remember normal hormones are kicking in, our girls just don’t have the wherewithal to know how to handle it, so we have to get creative! Clothes that zip in the back, custom made, helped a lot. Doubling up on shirts was a must. In the car, long jackets helped.

Just like our girls are different, our approaches to these and other issues will be different, just don’t worry about asking, for certain someone out there has gone through this or has the very same questions. It’s all just another stretch of road, and there’s helping hands reaching out to get you  over any hurdles. 🙂


It gets easier. 🙂

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  1. I couldn’t find the comment again but I remembered the type of bra it is that I got that’s so comfy I can sleep in it (and I’m pretty busty too!) Wish I could find it:

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