A Steeper Hill


Duncan Millar has written a marvelous blogpost about walking and Rett syndrome. You can read it on the Army of Us blog. http://armyofus.org/blogs/duncan/2015/03/13/a-worn-path/

Duncan is a whiz when it comes to finding amazingly cool ways to make a point through his photo campaigns. Rett syndrome is, indeed, a “steeper hill.”


A Steeper Hill

I have a steeper hill to climb,
So please don’t rush me as I go,
You see my legs can be unsteady,
And I have so far to go.
I walk so slow, it’s true, i know
But, walk I can and so I will,
Please, hold my hand as I climb
Up this long and steeper hill.
We’ll see things others miss
As they rush past us on the road,
Simple, wondrous things that shine,
To lighten our way and load.
And every step will mean much more
Than just a means to an end,
As they take me up and up
And around unexpected bends.
I have a steeper hill to climb,
and I need company on the road
But, please don’t rush me…
I still have so very far to go.
M. Lancaster

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2 Responses to A Steeper Hill

  1. mdfcapecod says:

    Melinda and Katelin, We all have our burdens….some rather light, some rather heavy, and some almost unbearable. It is through reading your posts , your blog, your poems, your story that helps me to keep my burdens in perspective. I wish you Peace, Comfort and a Miracle ~ Thank you both for being you, I Love You….just the way you are

  2. melelllan says:

    We love you, too, just the way you are xoxo

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