Go Team Rett!!

RettGirls-545979eed27e6Tomorrow, eight amazing people are running the Boston Marathon for our girls and boys. I had the real pleasure of getting to meet some of them yesterday. A small get together at the Lir, in Boston, provided a nice environment to once again meet runners, researchers, parents and supporters. Thanks to the Rett Syndrome Assoc. of Massachusetts for arranging it!

I spoke to the researchers about the continuing of the Natural History Study (hurray!!) and found out they have a participating clinic in Callifornia, Katie’s Clinic, which is where Katie and I will go if we make our trip out west.

If anyone wants to cheer on the runners of Team Rett, there will be a gathering at Mile Marker 16. I’m not sure Katie and I will make it, as yesterday’s trip turned out to be more than she could handle in the end, (could be that I forgot to bring Fox, I need a Gibbs slap for that!) But, if not I will certainly be cheering them on from home.

Oh, and just so you know what a difference just 8 people can make, so far they’ve raised $74,452!! If you’d like to add to that, see their donation page here!

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