One Big Step for a Girl, One Giant Change for a Mom

Katie and fox graduate

Yes, it happened. My girl grew up. 22. Where do the years go. Now begins a whole new chapter in our lives. We’ve turned the page of school, of the known and oh, what a cliffhanger. What is to come next?!

We’ve been preparing for awhile. Transition out of school is tackled early on in Massachusetts. There’s goal setting and expectations. DDS attends IEP meetings, plans are drawn up. And the last few months, I have to admit, no one would let me forget that her 22nd birthday was fast approaching.

I dragged my feet on this trail, unlike others we’ve been on. People had to almost pull me along kicking and screaming (and crying) but in the end- she graduated and her day program is set to start next week. I like it. Her teacher likes it. It’s the only one of the three that I looked at that didn’t make me cry in despair just thinking of her being there. I hear she’s already kissed a guy or two at the new place on her “getting to know each other” visits. This is no surprise. Who wouldn’t want a kiss from my girl?

And so we move on…

But not before I share, with all those who have followed her  footsteps these last couple of years, her journey until now. Thank you all for supporting us as Katelin has traveled, fought and conquered Rett syndrome and had a good childhood, a strong will and joy.

For all those who couldn’t be at the graduation… 🙂

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One Response to One Big Step for a Girl, One Giant Change for a Mom

  1. Linda Williams says:

    A breathless, loving journey made possible by an amazing mother who never gave up. I salute you, Melinda.. You are the best of the best. Love and hugs, Linda

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