A New Avenue…

for funding!

imageFrom Rettsyndrome.org

“On June 11, 2015, The Senate Appropriations Committee approved its 2016 fiscal year Defense Appropriations bill to include 50 medical conditions, including Rett syndrome, eligible to compete for funding. This news demonstrates the Committee’s dedication to ensure U.S. service members and citizens have access to innovative approaches to investigate Traumatic Head Injury by studying Rett syndrome.”

Some might recall awhile back we were asked to contact people on the Senate Appropriations Committee to get Rett syndrome listed; I don’t know how many people wrote, but damn we must’ve done a good job!

This is tremendous news, not just for Rett syndrome, but TBI as well. See here for some info on Military funding, research and stats for TBI… http://cdmrp.army.mil/phtbi/

This could be GREAT news for future studies with Trofinitide and Rett syndrome. The Army already funds Intrepid 2566, the NNZ 2566 for TBI. This trial has been ongoing for some time with results due out at the end of year. If Intrepid 2566 shows to be measureably effective it will BE huge.

If future Rett syndrome trials can be statistically linked in some way to TBI, this will be a windfall for us (Rett syndrome families), TBI sufferers and Neuren.

At the very least, this announcement provides a bit of hope for families that any future studies may be well funded, more study sites open meaning easier recruitment and by default faster completion and quicker answers. For more info about the bill, check out this link from Rettsyndrome.org http://www.rettsyndrome.org/blog/department-of-defense-2016-appropriations-bills?srctid=1&erid=1127745&trid=67314e7f-9c9f-4e29-8b01-bd11affba429.



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