Army of Us

Duncan Millar and James Westgate inspire so many people everyday. They’ll tell you it’s our girls and boys that are inspiring, but it’s a mutual thing. They ALWAYS find the exactly right words to make us parents and caregivers feel like someone understands, that we’re not alone, that Rett syndrome is NOT the winner, that our children are rare for reasons beyond Rett syndrome, that we are connected in an intricate web made of the strongest strands of love and hope.

Thank you.

Here’s to the strongest, silent love that binds us. The one that no words can describe and any attempt to describe would fall short, but that is so easily seen. One of the natural wonders of the world.


(Ps 3rd row, 4th from left 🙂 )

Read the Army of Us blog here….


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One Response to Army of Us

  1. duncan says:

    Thank you Mel 🙂

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