A Nation of Trails

imageI have lost count of the number of named trails we have come across on our journey through this great country; so many trails forged by courageous men and women. Names from history have come back to mind without hesitation…Lewis and Clark, Sacajewia…the Oregan Trail. At times a grave marker seen  along the way. Even the railroad, like in Fort Stockton where the silver spike was driven, joing the four lines across the Nation.

These trails that have had meager beginnings have made a Nation, entwined, and have led me to miraculous sights, humbling my soul before the beauty the hand of Nature and Man has wrought.

There have been things I’ve seen where only tears were the silent words that could describe the wonder I beheld.

And then, today, I met a grandmother caring for her Grandson, who had Fragile X and she did not know about the Fragile X study with Trofinitide. She said he was tested for Rett syndrome first. How can I not be amazed that I have traveled nearly 9000 miles to meet this kindred spirit in a Wyoming campground. And we shared a moment of hope.

I think in a way, the researchers are not so different than those long ago explorers, starting on a path of no certain end, with only a glimmer of hope at completion….and look at what was born from them! A Nation. A vision come to life. I have no doubt Trofinetide will be the same. And though what they have accomplished may not be carved in stone like MT.Rushmore or Crazy Horse Mountain, what they have done will be carved in my heart for all eternity just the same.

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2 Responses to A Nation of Trails

  1. Rose & Renee says:

    Amen to that! Awesome comparison. Love you and Katie!

  2. Linda Williams says:

    Hi Girlfriend,
    Missing your sweet smile and enduring ways.
    You look happy!
    Love and hugs, Linda

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