Valleys, Caverns, Forests and Mountains…A Free Life’s Journey.

It is hard, sometimes, to separate my own journey from my daughter’s and both of ours from Rett syndrome. It seems, at times, our ways are so entwined that she and I are overshadowed by  the ever present diagnosis and apparent predestined steps we are bound to take. And, I have wondered…Can we break free? Can we just be two people? Doing something “normal” or better yet….extraordinary?

Could we experience valleys, without them being something that comes with illness or worry?

Could we enter dark, deep caves and have them not be filled with fears, enter forests and not lose our way?

Could we climb mountains, not crawling bruised and bloodied to the top just to find another one to climb, but strong and straight, to where the land lie out before us in splendor unequalled?

And, the answer is “yes”, we could and we did.

So, we traveled 10,000 miles across desert and plain, mountain and river. We met many a helping hand, conquered the terrain, survived with a thousand and more memories that shout…”here, there was no Rett syndrome”, just two people on the trip of a lifetime. At times, yes I had to adapt how we might go where I wanted to go, but what is that but just a small thing? In the face of the tremendous things we did?

We entered valleys full of beauty and the only sighs were of sheer disbelief at the wonder that awaited us.

We entered caverns, climbing deep and high into the darkness and with a flip of a switch we were greeted by the spectacular, brilliant art of Nature.

We entered sunlit forests that smelled of pine and cedar and wildflowers and never once lost our way, but only became lost in the silence and serenity of peace.

And, we climbed mountains, as many as we could, and stood atop the heights proud and strong and free.

Just two people on a journey. A journey of our choosing, and that makes all the difference.

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One Response to Valleys, Caverns, Forests and Mountains…A Free Life’s Journey.

  1. Judy Wells says:

    Love this, Mel. ❤

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