April Wishes

wishesApril is a HUGE month. Not the least of which is the start of the Pediatric Trofinetide trial; but it is also the month the results of Intrepid 2566 are due. For those not familiar with Intrepid 2566, these results are 10 years in the making. Funded by the US Army and in conjunction with Walter Reed Army Hospital, Trofinetide (NNZ-2566) has been being used to treat Traumatic Brain Injury on our men and women in the service.

When I was considering putting Katie in the NNZ trial, I stumbled upon this website- Intrepid-2566. Anyone wondering about the commitment of are armed services and Neuren in this regard should check out this website. Reading it, convinced me that NNZ was safe (would a trial go on 10 years if it were not???) But, more importantly, as a veteran who lost a friend, Navy Seal CPO Theodore Moreland, to a traumatic brain injury, I believe this holds real promise for are wounded military.

And, can you imagine the implications of a successful trial here? Branching it out into the civilian community? and then on to concussions? The impact can be vast. If the results are positive, the NFL should start looking at funding its own trials.

Sending wishes on the wind. There has yet to be any effective treatment for TBI and it would save so many lives and limit the impact on so many families. Here’s hoping!

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