Will it be Luck in Spades?

spadesNeuren has gone in to a trading halt pending (presumably) the results of the Intrepid-2566 TBI study.

I can only imagine how the long term stock holders are feeling at this moment….will their hopes be realized? Those dreamed 10 years ago when they put their faith and money in something that was far from a sure bet? I fervently hope so…. for the soldiers, for their families and for Neuren and their stockholders. I hope they make millions. They all deserve it.

To some, perhaps, it’s just a money game, penny stock with anywhere from slight potential to massive. But I am certain to most, it is so much more than  that. These trials-Rett syndrome, Fragile X, TBI, concussions, (possibly/hopefully Autism down the road)- they are set to help millions of people. Imagine being some person a world away, someone you’ve never met, putting their money down on an unsure hand and your child walked away with a cure, or at the very least an improvement. That must be a wonderful feeling for these people. We ALL win if Neuren’s hand is a good one, and I believe it is.

And, that hand we’ve all been dealt, the one that came with jokers that weren’t supposed to be in the set, we’ll  be able  to trade them in for new cards, a new hand. One full of Kings, Queens and Aces. And it may be a bit sentimental, but I think Neuren’s hand will be full of Hearts. I want mine to be Clubs because they look like shamrocks, I hope those that need the sparkle get diamonds, and we all find luck in Spades.

I have a terrible poker face, so I hope the next few days brings the cards that that have been 10 years in the waiting.

Best of luck to all.

PS. Yes, yes I did call the NFL Commissioner’s office and leave a message about Intrepid 2566 and how the  NFL might be interested in the results given the prevalence of CTE in its players. I am totally shameless. Hope they listen, hope they really, really listen, maybe their players won’t have to suffer as they age. But just in case they don’t listen, I posted it on their Facebook page, someone will have to at least read it!



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