Epic Fail (Not)

Today was an epic fail on my part. And so I will generalize this day and trials, not just Trofinetide, but just in general.

I started out with a GREAT premise…Katie would LOVE a whale watch. We were on one before, a randomization, luck of the draw, phase I…it went fantastically. There were hardly any variables. The weather was perfect, very little wind, the boat didn’t go too fast, the water was smooth. Yup, I was certain, she would love it.

We waited for the boat, she was SO excited, laughing and smiling and flirting. Got onboard, no problems, a little wind but I brought sweatshirts for both of us. Then…the boat started, then it went really fast, and the wind was horrible, it was freezing, the waves were so big they lifted her wheelchair right off the deck. Phase II was freaking her out. I couldn’t bring her inside until the boat slowed down, that’s how big the waves were. She was scared and cold. It took a good 15 minutes to calm her down once we were inside. And then…she got seasick. This had definitely reached epic fail proportions. But…

was it worth the try? Yes. It could have worked out marvelously. Will I try again, probably, but keeping a better eye on the variables. I know now how to prepare better, I learned from this failure.

And just like the TBI trial, that could not be classified a success because it did not meet it’s main objectives, still there was good news-better cognitive ability for those who survived. And even though this whale watch really counted as an epic fail for my main objective-Katie was miserable and taking care of her made me miss every whale-, there was still something beautiful to see. And that is what I’m going to concentrate on. Despite all the wrong conditions I still saw something beautiful, something worth all that happened today, that I may never have seen nor will see again. And I think that is how it is with these trials, they don’t always turn out exactly how you would like, but something unexpected and wonderful may still be discovered.

A few of the 250-300 dolphins that surrounded our boat.


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