Conference Post 2- Raise Your Hand


by Kevin Black and David Clements

I find it hard to decide what order to do these posts in; what struck me, may not be what struck others. However, I believe I can say we were all struck by Kevin Black. Kevin’s daughter, Cortney, passed away from Rett syndrome at age 16.


About a year and half ago, I was privileged to see him do a concert for Rett parents at a local club. At that time, he hinted at a big project in the works. It wasn’t long before we knew what it was- “Raising a Hand”, a book of artists raising their hands for Rett syndrome. Included in the book are several inspirational stories of children with Rett syndrome.

Not only did Kevin treat some lucky parents to an impromptu piano playing, he held a concert at the end of the conference. Two particularly moving songs, one he wrote for Cortney called “A Tear for You” and “God Bless the U.S.A.” sung  a capella. He said this is the song that he was singing when he “raised his hand for Rett”. I admit I cried during both. The first is obvious, my daughter has Rett syndrome and while she is healthy and happy, I know that can all change at the drop of the hat. Always, always, in the back of the mind of every parent of even the healthiest child is that fear. The second, because it so humbling, as a veteran, to know how important, sacred, and loved our country is by all walks of life.

I could post all sorts of links about what Kevin and Clint Black have done to raise awareness, here are a few…..

Clint Black PSA (Public Service Announcement)

“Country Singer Kevin Black ‘Raising a Hand for Rett'”

To order a book go to They also have great ideas on how to help get the word out a help sell books, check out their site, it’s very well done.


But, just so you know, there would be no book without the amazing talents of photographer, David Clements. And David didn’t just rest upon his laurels of a fantastic anthology of amazing artists, he joined us at the conference as well. Taking all sorts of pictures and providing a wonderful opportunity for parents to have professional pictures of their children and themselves. How grand is that?!

Thank you to Kevin and David for not only all you do for Rett syndrome awareness and your tireless dedication to helping all our girls and boys, but for adding a special element of fun to an intense conference! I welcome anyone who would like to add their David Clements’ pictures to this post feel free to email them to or msg me on Facebook.

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