Gold Medal Kids

Recently, Katelin rode a camel! Mind you, it took longer to get her ON  the camel than the ride was, but she did it. And loved it.  Rett syndrome is so often a race; a race to the hospital, to the emergency room, running for medicines; a sprint when it comes to paperwork; hurdles of seizures, feeding tubes, operation, insurance companies; trying to stay afloat in a swimming relay of crawling through the day, going backwards, trying to stay abreast of everything that needs to be done, and too often, so heartbreakingly often, watching our children become butterflies-free from pain, but leaving a heartache so great their parents must feel like they are drowning. And, it’s a race against time for a cure. But, RETT DOESN’T ALWAYS WIN.

All the time, on Facebook, I see pictures of our children doing amazing things. I think Cammy Can is the forerunner with an amazing wish list each year 🙂 and inspiration really, but so many are shining in the glory of an amazing moment.

So, in the spirit of the Olympics here are some Gold Medal Moments.

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