Full Speed Ahead

If I had tried, I could not have wished for a greater surprise in my inbox after a day of errands, a haircut for Katie (and a donation for Locks of Love all ready to go)

and watching my girl laze away the hours under a southern California sun. Always excited to get an update from Neuren, nothing had prepared me for the great hurrah that leapt from my heart into my throat. The main words jumping out at me….”ahead of schedule” and “expand”!

trainThere have been so MANY brave, brave families and girls signing up that yes, they are ahead of schedule and are planning to go beyond the original 64 participants, with the extra participants having a 50/50 chance of getting the highest dose or placebo. And, as if that wasn’t enough fairly confirming that Phase III would start in 2018. As early as only 1.5 years away.

This announcement is chock full of just wondrously hopeful timelines. Read it for yourselves and be joyful.

The trial train is a head of schedule (which would never happen in Ireland! Just kidding, inside joke). But, it’s full speed ahead to Phase III, what a breathtaking, whirlwind of a ride!

Neuren Announcement about Phase II


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