Fall is on the air, even in California I can feel it. I know that back East, especially in Vermont, the trees are aflame with color. I can picture it, the crispness, the wooden smell of drying leaves, covered bridges the backdrops to picturesque scenery.

But, I have read so many posts about children in duress, I cannot help but correlate those leaves to lives clinging to their foundations. Next month, October, is Rett syndrome Awareness month. Yet, for us parents every single day is full of awareness.

I think of the child in South America whose parents desperately cling to hope that people will donate enough that their daughter will have all the medications she needs that month. I think of the father in Jordan who pleads with Allah to cure his child. I think of dear, sweet Melody whose mom is so fantastic. I think of those parents wishing for just one word, who are nothing but happy for my girl that she can speak at all. I think of my girl, too, still trapped within an almost silent prison.

We are all leaves, we have different colors and make the world a beautiful place, but we feel the wind rage against us, trying to make us fall and be just a pile upon the ground. And we will, we will all fall, there will come the moment that just snaps us off our foundation. Whether it’s watching our child get on the “little bus”; picture day of practical clothes, hair that won’t stay put, eyes that won’t look at the camera; pneumonia; surgery; making choices no parent should make.

So, next month we will paint our nails purple. We will fight against the wind. We will cling even harder so as not to plummet to the ground, only to be crushed beneath uncaring feet. But, when we do make that journey, I hope that each and every one is picked up, admired for the variants of color that run through us. That someone twirls us around and places us gently back on the ground, so that come Spring we can see the spot from whence we fell come to life again.

This season is already making me  weary and I am already hoping for Spring.

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