And the Horizon is That Much Closer!

horizonI’m posting a bit behind the times, this news is already making its rounds about Facebook, but I would be remiss not to give it a shout out. Two days ago, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative pledged to invest $3 BILLION to cure all disease in their child’s lifetime. Whether such a lofty goal can be accomplished or not, there sure are some big names behind the effort. According to this news article, most people die from 4 types of disease- heart disease, cancer, infectious diseases and neurological diseases. Well it just so happens that Huda Zoghbi, whose team discovered the MecP2 gene mutation that causes Rett syndrome is one of 7 scientists named to the board overseeing this grand endeavor.

First of all, I’d like to say that I believe that there is one man we can probably thank for raising Rett syndrome awareness and it’s not Mark Zuckerberg, it is A. J. Tesler, a fellow Rett parent. See his video to Mark Zuckerberg here!

What does this mean for Rett syndrome (and other deserving notice diseases)? AWARENESS in a big way. It is not a stretch to foresee increased research, not only in types but in speed of completion. It really is tremendous news.

The vision of a cure no longer needs a telescope to be seen, it’s right there, just beyond the horizon; if we but shield our eyes from the brightness of this news, we just might see the shimmer of it coming up with the sun. A beautiful golden light.

Thank you A.J. Tesler. Thank you to the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. It’s a brand new day for us all because of you.


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