Vive la France!

franceOk, Rett families, our French families need our help! They are in the running for an award of $20,000 Euros that would go toward a retreat for families in France. Last year, we all helped them win and they used that award towards amazing programs for families. Now, I know we can ALL use a two day retreat, but it’s just not possible, but we can help those in France get it! Wouldn’t that feel great!?! Ha, Rett syndrome, we got you this time, HA, those French, they’re having a blast DESPITE YOU! HA HA HA. Screw you, Rett, WE are making sure those girls and boys are having a fantastic time! It would feel great!

They are in 4th place, they need us all to pull together and put them over the top.

Here’s the link to the contest… Association Française du Syndrome de Rett

For those of you who don’t speak French, here are the directions….

Here’s all you have to do. Click on the green box that says ” voter pour notre association” then click on the blue bar that says “se connecter avec Facebook” then click the green button that says “voter”. It’ll shoot an email to you, check your junk folder, my Hotmail didn’t like that it was in French. Open the email, click on the green button that says “confirmer votre vote”.

It’s not complicated just because it’s in French! Let’s help them out. Only one vote per email address, so they need lots of people to vote. It’s simple and it will give a special couple of days to very deserving girls and families. Come on…. WE CAN DO IT!!

Please share and ask for it to be shared so we can get them over the top!


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