…And, It’s a Wrap!

cinema-cinema-cinema-1197629Neuren announced on Monday that the last pediatric trial participant had completed the Trofinetide trial and that results are due out the second half of March. See their announcement HERE!

I want to thank all the parents and children who walked on this part of the path in getting Trofinetide (hopefully) to approval. You were all very brave and the Rett community is in your debt.

So, anywhere from 6-8 weeks from now, we’ll know how it went and have a better idea of what the next step down this path will be and when we get to take it. What an exciting journey we are all on! I feel like soon, we’ll all be arm in arm, like Dorothy, the Tin Man, the Scarecrow and the Lion all skipping down the Yellow Brick Road.

But, as SUPER encouraging as the progress of Trofinetide is, let’s not forget the other trials going on trying to help our girls in different arenas.

For updates on Trofinetide, check out Neuren’s website.

For other trial information check out ClinicalTrials.gov

And don’t forget to ask your child’s doctor about the NHS (Natural History Study) an important years long comprehensive collection of data that will assist physicians in better understanding and treating Rett syndrome.

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