T -? The Countdown Begins!!!

white-lion-male-5-1340270Today is the first day of March, otherwise known as “the month the RESULTS come out”.  Yes! The Trofinetide Pediatric Phase IIb trial results are almost here. How long can one hold their breath??? I remember exactly how I was feeling the month that the Adult Phase II results were due, so I can just imagine how the parents of the children who participated are feeling right about now.

It’s an odd sort of feeling…excitement, trepidation, caution, optimism, electricity all rolled into one. There’s a building anticipation that is at once hope giving and draining and tiring. I mean, you’re on the edge every day, hoping and waiting…. then it’s not that day, and it begins all over the next day. So, before you all start that process, it’s supposed to be the second half of the month so give yourselves a break until the 14th, lol.

I’m thinking it should be on St. Patrick’s Day, because that would be just totally awesome! Having been through this I’m a bit more prepared for the anticipation I’m feeling and can relax a bit, but I know there are a whole bunch of parents out there that are going to be just on the precipice of crazy until those results come out, like bees are humming inside you constantly. Each giving you a little zap every few minutes. I would say, try to stay calm, but you’d just say, “Puhleeze!” And I wouldn’t blame you.

Last time, I KNEW the results were going  to be positive, but I just couldn’t wait to see the proof of it, for the world to know it, for parents to know it and then to know that there was really, really hope that our children could be helped, really, truly helped. Just as now, there are parents out there who KNOW, without a doubt, the exact same thing. I don’t doubt it for a second.

So, though March is said to come in like a lion and out like a lamb, I think the opposite is true this year. March is coming in like a lamb and going out like a lion. Just wait. We will all hear its roar-SUCCESS!

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3 Responses to T -? The Countdown Begins!!!

  1. emilyjosmom says:

    Mel, St. Patrick’s Day 3 years ago was when Emily and I checked into TCH in Houston to begin the NNZ-2566 (Trofinetide) trials. Feels like a long long time ago 🙂

  2. shdtinc says:

    Well, then, it would be very fitting for it to be that day. Here’s hoping!💜

  3. Jaette Carpenter says:

    I remember that when I read your information from Katie’s study, Mel, the room seemed too small to hold my excitement. I wanted the walls of the room that I was standing in to disappear so that the outdoors would perhaps be big enough for my excitement and fear, then absolute glee!

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